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The choice of a “Park” as a tool of optimisation for the products of the Eastern Veneto territory originates from two orders of consideration. In the first place, the necessity to link up and “systemize” these products, with their specific characteristics and economic potentialities, and the many initiatives dedicated to them over the past years, at times presented in an uncoordinated manner, and consequently with a scarce efficacy. In the second place it presented an opportunity for considering the many environmental and naturalistic characteristics of the Eastern Veneto region (reason for the development of the “park” concept). This optimisation process aims at stimulating the consumer through the perception of quality and authenticity of the farming products, “identity card” of a particularly integral territory from an environmental point of view. Among the “lands of the Veneto”, in fact, the Eastern Veneto territory is the most well preserved area of agricultural and farming vocation, situated in an environmental context presenting a variety of integral landscapes. The idea of the Park is closely connected to the “district” concept and it links with the image of a group of farms “of excellence”, which operate to maintain alive quality products of a local tradition. Owing to a series of optimisation initiatives in connection with the project and linked to the Park, it will be possible to obtain the recognition necessary for their revival and development (including financial support and other kinds of support).